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At Rolling Hills Family Dental we believe in the power of a smile. A smile can brighten someone's day, promote a healthy psychological wellbeing, and also be a window to your overall health. A healthy set of gums and  teeth doesn't just equal more confidence it means a better quality of life: less chances of heart disease, memory loss, and risks of inflammation and infection thoroughout your body. That's certainly a mouthful!


Dr. Lenny Dayrit, DDS has been practicing dentistry since she was a licensed graduate from Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines in 1980. After taking a program for international graduates at the University of California, Los Angeles in 1991, she began practicing in California in 1994.  She has since launched her own private practice in 2002. Rolling Hills Family Dental was founded in Harbor City, California with the motive of creating a welcoming environment where clients and staff aren't treated as patients and employees, but as family. With over 37 years of experience, Dr. Dayrit has earned the trust, loyalty, and friendship of clients young and old. Several even travel hours from other counties and states to receive her gentle and one-of-a-kind service. 



Rolling Hills Family Dental offers treatments for general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, as well as, teeth whitening and restoration. Our staff and state-of-the- art equipment ensure the utmost comfort and relaxation. Don't be surprised if you doze off every now and again at the examination chair. 


In addition, our waiting room is designed to be homey with access to an array of magazines, children's books, and a television to keep the whole family entertained.  (Free WiFi coming soon!)


To schedule an appointment or inquire about our services

 please call us at (310) 325-8111 or visit our office at 26640 Western Avenue Suite I, Harbor City, California 90710. 


PPO Insurance and Care Credit are accepted. Major credit cards and cash may also be used for payment. 



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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Our Happy and Satisfied Clients

5 stars [are] not enough for the quality of service of Dr. Lenny Dayrit...  She [was] my dentist in [the mid 1980's] in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I was born with [a] very low pain threshold, I've been trying some other dentists when I moved to [the] US...but never [have been as comfortable] as I am under Dr. Lenny's care.  [The staff is] very friendly and accommodating too, the place is very clean... I'm so glad my whole family found out she moved to the U.S. too. Now my whole family goes to Rolling Hills Family Dental... We don't mind driving for almost 2 hours to get there, it's like my second home. Thank you Dr. Lenny and staff, more power to you. You are all such blessings to us! We love you so much!



-Cherry A. 











One of the only few dentists that I trust my family's dental needs on. Professional, friendly, trustworthy.  Thank you Dr. Lenny Dayrit! :D


- Joan S.










 My family trusts her expertise as a dentist. Very patient, neat...and will work [to] do what's best for you as a patient. Very helpful, honest and caring to all her patients...Now we live in a different state [but] I make it a point to see her and have our dental work [done] whenever we visit California. It's so worth it! Don't take my word for it ---try her and I guarantee you will  be happy with her work! To Dr. Lenny Dayrit and staff at Rolling Hills Family Dental..God Bless!


- Myline S.

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Dr. Lenny Dayrit, DDS.

Dr. Dayrit has 37+ years of experience and founded Rolling Hills Family Dental 15 years ago.


"It is a blessing to have the staff and patients that we do at Rolling Hills Family Dental. I love what I do, and it brings joy to my heart to see my patients and staff happy." - Dr. Dayrit

Sharmine De Leon

Sharmine has been working at Rolling Hills Family Dental for 15 years. 


"We have a friendly staff and Dr. Dayrit is easy to work with. We have great patients and it's a perk that the office is in a good and safe location." - Sharmine

Claudette Agustin

Claudette has been working at Rolling Hills Family Dental for 5 years.


" I've been working at Rolling Hills Family Dental for 5 years. I really enjoy working here because we all get along. I get to meet people, but most of all, I gain more knowledge and experience through my work." - Claudette

Jeannie Slaton

Jeannie been working at Rolling Hills Family Dental for 15 years.


"The staff and I have been together a very long time. Dr. Dayrit is very flexible with my schedule. She is very good to us and makes sure we have beautiful teeth."- Jeannie

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The Team

Great service. Professional, caring, helpful staff. Awesome dentist. They're taking care of my teeth for [20] years now. I can only say positive things!


- Jason S.










Creating beautiful smiles.